From a little girl to a teen!

1/20/2013 12:47:00 AM

I think I'm 3 years old to the left and 5 years old to the right. I remember when I picked out that dress and red tshirt. I LOVED it! I still have one of those hairclips. I think I have it on my wall at home haha :D 
I think I'm 3 years old to the left and 5 years old to the right. I remember when I picked out that dress and red tshirt. I LOVED it! I still have one of those hairclips. I think I have it on my wall at home haha :D 

I cut my bangs. My mum took me to the hairdresser so she could "fix it". This is how she fixed it. I don't know you guys. Short hair can be really cool but. This is just. I don't know. I think it has grown out a bit too but still... I walked without a shirt this summer at the aqua festival in Stockholm with my mum. Pretty sure people thought I was a boy :D I think I was 6 or 7 years old.

 Here I'm 9 - 10 - 11 years old ^-^
Not much to say here really. I looked more or less like everyone else but still dressed a bit odd from time to time and thought my hairstyled in the first two photos was SO COOL. I was trying to copy britneys hair in the middle photo HAHA. In the middle photo the photographer forced me to smile. As you can see it looks pretty damn awkward. I have a weird gap between my lips HAHA.
Oh the photo when Iw as 11. Back then I thought it was my best school photo ever!

 12 years old. No tan :D Just didn't give a shit. I really like this one :D I didn't give a poop about what people thought of me. I made a kiss mark with lipstick on the top Im wearing. I though it was cool. I think this is about the time where I painted a pair of my jeans, put a pair of hands on my ass on them. Yes, very cool indeed. No, not really :D 

First, this is where I started to care more about what people think. 7th grade so I was around 8th and 9th graders too. I have a J.L hoodie on. My friend borrowed it once, never returned it. Friends... It was quite expensive actually. I did have my shoes painted with watercolour though, so the girl who didn't care was still there. One was red the other was green.

Somewhere here in between these photos a girl controlled me. A "friend". I also got a boyfriend and I was not really allowed to be who I wanted to be. I tried to fit in but I was at the same time trying to break free.

The middle photo here is the only one of my school photos I really don't like. For starters what the crap was I wearing?! And this was caught when I did not wear extensions. It was actually a hairdresser that made my hair this short because I bleached it at a saloon (a friend did it there but the hairdresser said it would work just great) and it fell out. You can't really see it but my hair was pretty long before that. After that happened I just didn't give a crap anymore X) I also have a fake tan on my face because at this point my face was unable to get a tan, my body get's tanned super easily but not my face. I also tried to fit in.

And then at 15, just didn't give a crap again. Until I started upper secondary school and after a year there I started caring and changing without even realizing it myself. Scary when I look back. So between 17 and 19 I was on a journy of finding myself again. AND HERE I AM.

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  1. Vad roligt att kolla på gamla bilder på dig! Det känns som att många i den åldern (även jag) var osäker och försökte passa in. Men så är det väl att vara tonåring.. :P

  2. Omg, you have been so beautiful in every "phase"! But you really look your best nowadays :)
    I'd love to see pictures from 16 until now too.

    1. Thank you so much!!

    2. You're welcome <3
      ah, unfortunately I can't read the entry you linked ;_; like it didn't even exist.

    3. Nevermind, now it shows! Love all the pictures ;_;

  3. It's rather amazing how you have so many photos of every year. I remember I had avoided mine in high school. XD
    Loved the story behind each photo. Awesome post ♥

  4. Very cool! I'm really glad that you are finally okay with just being yourself, and that you are happy [= Everyone deserves that [=

  5. I could see the picture of you while you were 5 and I'm pretty sure I would recognize you. This smile is so... yours :P. And I don't know how do you do this - on every school photo you look great, like famous actress or something :D.

  6. Skitkul att se hur du förändrats genom åren :) Alltid lika snygg dock.
    Detta var kul att läsa om, gillade ditt inlägg :)

  7. På ålder 3 bilden liknar du stina från - Vi på saltkråkan^^ Roligt inlägg:)

  8. You are so incredibly beautiful, on every photo there and in every single way. <3

  9. You're beautiful in every photo, and you look so much older than 14 in the middle one!

  10. cool photos of all your years!
    and who never spoiled the fringe in childhood is not it? I did it myself! At the time, she repaired and was 2 desdos the eyebrow!
    Also I think all the girls used to 12 years hoop earrings, I used!
    483 kusses..~^~

  11. Wow you have have changed a lot :O :D


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