My beautiful winterland.

1/20/2013 06:12:00 PM

The bottow picture shows how we all live in the norht of Sweden... We also ride on polarbears to school!

I'll take better pictures of how beautiful it is up here tomorrow. I only had my phone with me on my run, it's not bad but still. I want to take better photos and show you! I ran about 4.5 km, not sure. My phone died BOHO.

My mum, sister and I will go shopping tomorrow. I only have my huuuge wuper warm winterjacket. I will take a picture, or ask my sister or mum to take a picture so you can see it :D I LOVE IT! So warm and cosy. I could live in it! hohohohoho.

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  1. How do you manage to run in the snow?, I am a Cuabn girl who just moved to Finland and i want to start working out again, but even normal walking is hard enough in the snow!!. If you have the time to answer, my email is

    1. I just run :) I googled it before, some people run with the same shoes and some with spikes. I have spikes on mine :)

  2. these photos are actually beautiful!!! :3


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