cosy christmas fika

11/23/2014 01:40:00 PM

My mum and I bought some lovely organic mulled whine, saffron buns, gingerbread and filled up a cup with her home made fudge yesterday. We were going to make our own saffron buns but I was way to tired after this whole week that we decided to buy some instead. We watched both Santa Claus and Elf (with breaks for food ^--^). Then afterwards when my mum wanted to sleep I played Just Dance, she could sleep even if I danced so that was great for both of us.

This is my new favourite mulled wine. It's very sweet and rich in flavour, it was good both warm and cold. So lots of thumbs up. It was avalible both in bottle and box, bot were beautiful AND it was cheaper than the non organic! We did try another one too but it tasted a lot of alcohol even though it wasn't a lot in it, it also was pretty flat and did not taste like christmas. The one above did taste like christmas!

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  1. So sweet you and your mom spend this kind of time together!

  2. Hello Angelica!Where have you bought the kettle for mulled wine???It is an on line shop? I'm totally in love with it!

    1. I think you can get it online. I got in instore at åhléns last year, and the year before that (my mum broke one haha). The brand is "sagaform". It's not their newest model so it might be hard to find :/

  3. Thank u for the answer sweety!!!!I'll try to find it!It could be fab for my Xmas collection! :)

  4. Åh good dammit vad mums! Jag vill ha tag på Ekologiskt och alkoholfritt i samma produkt, men inte så lätt då jag bor på vischan :/

    Nu vill jag fira jul! Let´s baka luzzebulls ^^


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