Sculptures waiting for paint.

11/20/2014 09:29:00 AM

Sculpture class is over. This is everything I made. I still have to paint them. I'm going to paint them with acrylics. I'm going to make a lid to the tiny one at home out of hbby clay. I tried a different edge on top of it and I didn't like it after it got burnt at all.

These were the two first things I made there. The big Blöb is a jar! You can open it and put your presious things in there. I can't wait ti get into painting mode and paint them all! Right now theyre all an orangey color. I don't like it at all...

The four above are still waiting to dry. The bottom right one weight about 10kg... Oh I don't know how to get it home haha. All of the skulptures are hollow from the top. I was planning on having most of them as pots. But I don't really have any plats. Just on the balcony and I don't want to keep these outside during the winter part of the year. We'll see if I can buy some plants that Damien won't eat!

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  1. Vad använde du för lera när du gjorde dessa?:) självtorkande lera eller sån man bränner?
    instagram: Feliciafahlgren

    1. OHh ja vet inte exakt vad den heter, men det är sån du måste ha brännugn till :)

  2. Du är så grym! Älskar Blöbburken!

  3. Love these so much. So much emotion thrown into them. I wish they were naturally gray instead of orange, ekk. Can't wait to see them painted!


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