New green smothie recipe.

12/12/2014 03:07:00 PM

This is my first green smoothie in a very long time. I did a little bit of experimenting. I put in some hemp seeds and broccoli along with what I usually use. It turned out lovely! 

As I wrote earlier I went shopping yesterday and only bought a bunch of organic vegetables for this. Even though I don't have a lot of money to spend on food I want what I get to be as good for me as possible. Not saying I don't eat junk, I do haha, but I think you understand what I mean. I haven't found organic mango yet, or not frozen. But I will start to do my smoothies from whatever organic things are avalible for my wallet from now on!

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  1. ugh I can not drink these! Idk what it is about greens but yuck, I have tried and just can not :(

    1. There are so many I can't drink. I tried doing others recipes, but ugh no. The texture of some of them was so strange that I couldn't drink them becasue of that. I need a lot of lemon in mine to make them yummy :D

    2. I'll have to try that! It's the texture for me as well I think. I'm the same with mashed potatoes, the texture makes me want to barf :/

  2. I was searching for a yummy and flavored Green drink recipe since so many days. And finally here I got an amazing recipe. Thanks dear for sharing this recipe with all of us. The hemp seeds and broccoli made it healthier. Hope I will like its taste.


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