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I want to share this post that my body modification artist, Chai, wrote yesterday, can also be found on Calms blog: I'm getting more and more sick and tired of not only TV4 (a television channel in Sweden) but also our radio stations and other television channels. I've recently started to see that they are far from as great, neutral and caring as most people seem to think. I will not rant about that, I'd say ,read his story down below. 

Pictures from Miss Button's Jewelry and Chai's instagram.

Ok.. Let the rant begin... Since I have a lot of non-Swedish-speaking-friends I'll keep this in English.


I performed two RFID-implants live on Nyhetsmorgon on Swedish TV4 early this morning. It was a blast and everyone was super nice and humble. I got extremely well taken care of by everyone in the building but especially by the show hosts, make-up artists, producers and assistants. I arrived with a smile and I left with a bigger smile.

As many of you know I've chosen to follow Buddhism as a religious view and have been raised with Buddhist views of life from my loving mother who's from Thailand. I have also chosen to have the sacred swastika tattooed on my throat "guarded" by two Buddhas that are placed on both sides of my neck. A sacred symbol of LOVE, LIFE, LUCK and LIGHT. This, of course, created a shitstorm from the viewers. It's ok. I can take that as long as I can have a say. I was given the opportunity to explain my beliefs after an intermission of the show. I gladly accepted as I, as usual, saw this as a golden opportunity to educate those who has the belief that the swastika (which isn't a German word that many believe, but a Sanskrit word) was created by the nazis.

After I had explained my views live on tv it was time for me to leave the show and continue on with my day but only after they'd set up an interviewer and a cameraman outside the studio. They wanted a longer conversation about me and my use of the swastika to post on their webcast online. They wanted the interview to refer to if other viewers found themselves upset and in need of more answers. Great idea according to me! When I was done they escorted me out of the building and had a taxi waiting for me. I felt like a VIP!

This is where my disappointment begun...

As soon as I stepped in to my apartment I found out that that TV4 had removed everything from the web and had apologized to the public for having me in their show. THEY APOLOGIZED TO THE PUBLIC FOR HAVING ME ON THE SHOW!!! I've never felt so violated, offended and sad ever before. Because of people's ignorance of history beyond 70 years ago I have to be stepped on PUBLICLY by one of the biggest broadcasting networks in Sweden. I expected more from TV4. You allowed the nazis to win. Don't you see that? Instead of actually stand your ground and display facts you chose to let uneducated people in this wonderful country to let the nazis win. Degrading and pathetic behavior! How about standing up for the more than 600 million people who still view the swastika, and has been for 3500 years, as the beautiful symbol that it is. Yes, it was stolen by an awful person during a dark period of Europe's history but given what it has been for a LONG period before those dark times, isn't it about time to take it back? Reclaim it? But no... You gave in to the mob created by a faulty educational system. That's what you did. You took a piss on my religion without hesitation. You chose to offend me deeply.

I doubt that this rant will have an effect but at least I let my voice be heard. I am a proud Buddhist and I won't apologize my beliefs. I am a body modification artist and if someone, someday comes up with an idea on how to implant spines in those who obviously lack them I will gladly offer the procedure for free.

That's what I had to say.

Your move, Anders Edholm (Press Officer for TV4 Nyhetsmorgon).

To all of you amazing people in my realm that has supported me (A HUGE THANK YOU!) by sharing your thoughts about this issue all over social media please contact TV4 if you feel that you can spend the energy. They need to know what they've done. What prevents them of stepping on your religion next?

Love and light! ❤️

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  1. Läste om det där imorse och seriöst, det gör mig så jävla arg och ledsen. Ja, Chai ser ju VERKLIGEN ut som en typisk nazist (??). Det politiska klimatet i Sverige är så nervöst och infekterat att det känns som att folk blir upprörda för ingenting (vilket verkligen är fallet här). Att media sen väljer att gå den arga mobbens väg istället för att upplysa folk gör mig ännu mer ledsen. Känns som om det bara blir vanligare och vanligare. Man så är rädd för att trampa någon på tårna och resultatet av det är att man ger någon annan en fet känga i magen. Hur inkompetent får man bli egentligen? :(

  2. wow, this is soo ridiculous!!
    why don't people get the difference of good and bad?
    i'm german and in our society has double standards: in tv there are nazi symbols EVERYWHERE! for example in documentations and parodies.
    and when you're buddhist and wear a swastika you have to cover them when you're in public. i don't get it!
    even brands like dropdead (even though it was called 'it means peace') or killstar (maybe you saw the occult overload sweater) have to change their designs or even have to remove the item from the shop!
    everything just because of this austrian dickhead..why can't we leave this shit behind?
    and the society becomes more stupid than ever -.-

    btw, wasn't stepping on religion a nazi thing, too?
    that's the double standards everyone!!

  3. how can i share this on tumblr? it's double standard from the swedes, i know they have been calling out the norwegian politican FRP as nazis but after this they should be ashamed!

    1. I guess just either take the link to this post or even better take it from the post from their blog: (they have a tumblr button, super easy :D).

  4. Tror jag nästan måste dela det här på min blogg... Det är sorgligt att inte fler vet att det är två helt olika saker! (nazi-symbolen är ju liksom vinklad åt sidan om jag inte minns fel...)

  5. I have a Hakenkreuz Tattoo on my forehead and all people are calling me a Nazi! Whyyyyyyy? :((( only because I love india -.-


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