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12/07/2014 12:17:00 PM

I just want to thank you for all your kind words. I was expecting a lot of mean comments. I have not gotten one yet. Why I thought I would be getting mean ones is because I've been accused in the past for facing my illness and this was a very light build up. Or for me it is. I have no idea how others have it and don't mean to say that it's not hard if you have even lighter build ups (or what to call them) than I had in that video. It's so different from person to person. However since I only really know how it is for me I almost felt a bit silly. I did get a smaller attack later on, but it was over pretty quickly and I could go on with my day. My friend Charlie was going to come over (a part of why everthing felt so stressfull etc that day), he still cam and we baked, drank mulled wine and danced the dance game! We had a lot of fun!

I also want to thank Emilia (who I can't link to), who gave me the link to the health care guarantee. I knew I had read somewhere that I should get my investigation in THREE months tops. But I couldn't remember where. I think I read it in a forum or something. This means I have the right to start my invesstigation in a little less than two months. And not wait SIX months. I might be shipped of to new place, I don't really want that because I like the people at the place where I am now. But I still don't want to wait six more months. I feel so locked. I can't do a lot of things that I would like to do. Now I'm also scared about not beeing able to go on my abroad trip (that is booked and payed for). I really, really hope I can because last time it gave me a lot of strength to go someplace new, rest and work out. Now I don't think this place we're going is one of those hotels with exercise programs etc. But I will snorkle and bring my running shoes!

Thank you again everyone, also for beeing so understanding. I feel so bad and build up anxiety whenever I can't do things I've said I'm going to do. Like that video. I also build up anxiety when I can't or don't have anything to update my blog with. I think that's why I stoped blogging in the first place. I'm doing my best not to let it build up because of that though. I'm trying to tell myself that it's ok not updating everyday. I hope I'm getting there!

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  1. That video brought tears to my eyes! You don't need to worry about updating all the time! Your followers know you need time and understand. Take care of yourself first. Wonderful to hear you found you don't have to wait six months! Good luck on your journey <3

  2. Happy to help! :D :D :D :D <3

  3. Where about are you heading too? I'm glad you found out you don't have to wait that long! I think it would be ridiculous to wait that long for care! Best of luck!!

  4. Don't stress too much over blogging, you don't owe us anything, this should be a place where you can come and freely express yourself. I'm sure everyone that follows you wants you to get better and feel ok with yourself. Just use this as a peaceful place where you know you will be loved and understand, eventho not all of us get to actually talk to you. If I keep visiting your blog is because I like knowing what you're up to, enjoy your personality, how you deal with things, is not like I'm hungry for MAKEUP VIDEOS SHOW ME YOUR CLOTHES ENTRETAIN ME IM GETTING BORED YOU HAVENT UPLOAD A VIDEO IN A WEEK OMG. that's what you think your followers think? because is that's true they can fuck a cactus instead.
    Hope you get better and your investigation get started as soon as posible! also enjoy your fav time of the year and get into the xmas spirit! take care xxxxxx purplev.

    1. Ohohoho you made ma laugh :D Thank you, I needed this. I try to tell myself this, but it hit me harder when it comes from someone else :D


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