Investigation day 2

1/08/2015 05:28:00 PM

Oh I'm very tired today. I went back to the psychologist early this morning, not that early I was there at 10am. Today was fun too! We started out with me having to point out the missing thing in pictures. That one was easy and fun! Or it felt easy, I'm not sure if I did well on it or not, I think I did. Then I had to explain what certain words meant, that was really hard. I can't even explain words I use on a daily basis but I did my best. The last six words were words I have never heard in my life! After that It was a really fun exercise or test, not sure what to call it really. It was a paper with numbers on a row, under every number there was a blanc box. At the top of the page 1-9 were listed with a different symbol for each. I filled in the blanc boxes with the right symbols. My psychologist then turned the page and I had to fill out two rows without seeing what symbol went with which number. It was super easy and I filled them all. She was very surprised how quickly I did it and said that she had never seen anyone do that before. I felt really cool! But then I had to say what made two things similar. For example how is a boat and a car similar to eachother and how is love and hate similar to eachother. At the time I could not answer the love and hate question, but when I told my mum I got it, they are both feelings. I think that's the right answer. When I was done with that I got to build with blocks. I first had four and after that nine, I got to look at a picture and build the same pattern with the blocks as the picture showed. That one was really fun too and I was really good at it. The last exercise/test we did was math. I had to listen to the math questions and solve them in my head. I have not done that in a long time, so it felt hard but she said I did really well on that one too.

I think today was to find my strenghts and what I'm maybe not so great at. We did not have time to finish everything but I will go back on monday and continue. I brought a paper where I had written down a bunch of things that I remembered I should have told her when I got home. I wasn't sure if she would appreciate it, but she did! She told me twice after that that if I thought of more things that I should write it down and bring to her. That felt really good, I wasn't sure if it was a good thing to do or not. So now I have written down a whole A4 with more things, or not things I explain very well what I mean so it's not that many different things. The last paper was over one and a half A4. I think I've written down most things now.

Next week I will have at least one more appointment and my psychologist also have a phone appoitment with my mum. They're going to talk about me when I was around 5-12. My mum will get some papers to fill before the "interview". I hope I will get to know how that part went or see the paper(s) my mum is going to fill out later, it's a bit fun! I hope I will get to fill even more forms, it's so much fun. Even though some of the questions are really hard and I have to write a lot about the answer chose. Now I'm very tired, extra tired, I've been tired all day. I think it might be from the exercises/tests but I'm not sure. I'm still heading out for a walk now, fighting my tiredness everyday!

Damien and me.

Sometimes Damien likes to cuddle with me!

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  1. Sounds like you took an IQ test. I had one too when they tested me on autism. Most people with autisme (like asperger) have a high IQ, I believe that's why they test it.
    But it's good to hear you have a good feeling about this second appointment! Take care!

  2. Jätteintressant att få läsa lite om hur det går till då jag kommer att göra en neuropsykiatrisk utredning snart jag också.
    Tackar för den!

  3. Replies
    1. 50mm, or the right one is, the left is 48mm I don't have tunnels or plugs in the same size right now haha ^--^

  4. Det du fik lavet er uden tvivl en kognitiv test :) jo det har lidt med intelligens at gøre, men pointen er at se hvor god du er til at se og gentage, lytte og forstå osv.
    Jeg får lavet disse test hvert år som en del af et stort forsøg på at hjælpe unge med skizofreni.
    Jeg er så glad for at du er igang med undersøgelserne! Sender dig rigtig mange gode tanker <3

  5. Georgous look! But I wonder how you can sleep or talk on the telephone with these big plugs? :D I am stretching up to 18 mm at the moment and for me it is already annoying sometimes. ^^

    1. I try to sleep without them, it's better for your ears ^--^ Talking on the phone is no problem at all as long as you keep it in the right angle or wear headphones with a mic :)


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