blueberry cacao smoothie kind of morning

8/11/2016 11:11:00 AM

love the view of sunrays in the morning

Woke up this morning 5.26am Mew keeps waking me up, MJAU MJAU, I like that! As much as I like to stay up late (going to bed before 1am haha) I love to get up early and get things going. Ha oh, after writing this I put on makeup, felt strange, went back to bed and then Mew woke me up again, I wanted to go back to sleep but he keeps screaming at me until I awake. I truly am greatful for that since it was almost 10am. I thanked him so much and went to make a smoothie. I now feel awesome and refreshed again!

No smoothies for mew, two smoothies for me :D
Going to see if I can one big glass today for my smoothies, or a cup. Would like to have two big ones! Because you know what, I'm getting out of my bubble and invite friends over at times! I think I used to have half litre cups with lids before, after using up coconut oil. Think I might have left it at my parents. Perhaps I should just consume a bit more coconut oil since those are awesome, so is coconut oil (virigin organic of course)! You can put the lid on and throw it into your bag and have your smoothie outside and about!. Mhh Keep loving this whole mix with raw cacao and blueberries. AMAZING! The one things is though that I want to make smoothies almost ALL the time. I do drink a lot of smoothies but also listen to what my body says. Starting to crave some sallad right now Mhhm. Must go and get me some vegetables too so I can make a huge jummy sallad for lunch today.

Recipe for todays morning smoothie:
(quite well meassured this morning actually)
❤ Vegan ❤ Organic ❤ 
♥ 2 frozen bananas
♥ 1dl / 0.4cup frozen blueberries
♥ 1dl / 0.4cup 50/50 mixed cashews and brazil nuts
♥ 3 tablespoons raw cacao
 1 tablespoon cacao nibs
♥ 1 tablespoon maca
♥ 2 dates
♥ 2 teaspoons spirulina
♥ 1 teaspoon ceylon cinnamon
♥ 1 teaspoon roseroot♥ 2.5dl / 1cup water

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  1. flaxseed is healthy, you can try adding it in some food :)
    It helps me to go more often to the bathroom..

  2. What a beautiful cat ❤
    The receipe sounds great, I'll give it a try!

  3. What a beautiful cat ❤
    The receipe sounds great, I'll give it a try!


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