morning thoughts about physical empathy

8/06/2016 12:21:00 PM

I have been getting some information flooded to me, trough me about beeing an empath. More specifically about physical empathy. This might have come before I just usually forget these things since I either forget to write them down, forget I have written them adn/or have not discussed it with anyone. This is actually one of the main reasons I want to start blogging again I believe. To connect with similiar minded and be able to talk and discuss these kinds of things when questions pop up. I live in a small town where people with the similar questeions and ideas on their minds are a bit tricky to come by and am sure many of you are in a similar situation. This might also be a good thing, it can help strenghten the connection if you let it!

I was at a festival yesterday, sober, except if you count the raw cacao I had been eating haha! Beeing sober this evening made me think a lot deeper about this topic (since I had nothing in me to influence me in the way I started feeling). Even though I slept less than usual I did not expect to wake up hung over. Or at least that is how I feel. At the same time I felt as if I was under the influence of other substances last night as well. Not to the point that I actually could believe that someone accidentally slipped something into my water bottle. But to the point where I brought it up with a friend right then and there, started questioning it a bit.
(I assume most of you know what an empath is, someone beeing able to feel another person as as if they feel themselves. Usually when I come across reading and hearing about empaths it is about feeling other peoples emotions and/or feelings. What I have not heard as much about is if or rather how we absorb other parts of energies around us.
Just as we can heal ourselves and others, feel what they feel etc. It is only logical that we are able to absorb substanses someone might have in their body. To what extent we can do this is very personal although it is certainly something you can develop further if you like, it is also something that will grow over time without anyone having to do anything about it. We are in a constant flow of change and growth, it is beautiful. Another way to think about this is that if you want to get drunk and do not want to drink, develop your empathic skills and absorb the energies around you haha. Or if you want to keep your body 100% non influenced by any substances, stay away from people who hve them in them or learn of to block that flow. This I hear now is a form of energetic vampirism when come to think of it.

Writing about this seems to be a way for me to further connect the information that is given to me, comfirming that this is truth. I do thinkg it might be fun to share thoughts and stories around a subject rather than only telling or writing about (for example) "this is what physical empathy is" right away. I like getting personal. For now I saved a few of my old post for you to read in order to see and for some to remember where I used to be only a while back. I have not read trough them all but as I remembered I liked to get quite personal about what I was going trough. I see now how that amplified what I was going trough, just as this amplifies what is going trough me right now. Also logical, whatever you focus on grows!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions that might come up about this. Also always feel free to share whatever you are thinking about here.
I would love to hear what ways you would prefer that I talk about things for now. We create together and throwing myself into this I realise that I am not sure yet in what stand point I want to write and share from. I do feel writing is a good way for me to start since as I mentioned earlier, it seems to strentghten my connection a lot. I will continue with videos as well, start to grow and develop my speaking skills. I feel this is going to be a lot of fun as long as we keep up with it. Hope you all are having and will continue having an amazing day!

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  1. Hi Angelica :)
    I'm 19 and I've been following you and your blogposts and instagram posts and twitter posts and whatever since I was like 13 and I always really looked up to you. You definitely influenced a LOT of my life in many positive ways, you taught me to be myself no matter what, to always be proud of my creativity and not to hide because of what other people think I should look like. What I always really liked about yours posts was how personal you got into the matter, I think that was really cool, I could really get in contact with you and feel your ideas. so according to me you should keep getting personal on the matters you choose to talk about.
    Have a great day/night! :)

  2. I don´t drink, don´t do drugs, don´t smoke etc. A few years back i changed my diet to exclude preservatives and additives in my food. Also, i changed from a bigger meat diet to mostly fish and chicken.

    This might sound like a common thing, but in today's day and age, you can almost get bullied for it ( and comments flowed ) because it´s "cool" to drink, smoke and preferably eat raw meat just because "others do it" >_>

    I have never really gotten along with people because of this. It takes a special kind of personality for me to feel a connection. Also... the " stand in line - do as others do - dress as others do " is not my cup of tea. The art of humanity is in the individual. Looking back on humanity and how people developed before and after WWW came along is really a scary result.

    I just want my own farm in the wild where i can grow my own food, craft what i need and get away from it all, under the light of sparkling cacao rainbow´s ;)

  3. I've also noticed over the past ten years how I'm getting more and more sensitive to people around me, their feelings and conditions. Some people think I'm a little bit psychic, but I think it has more to do with being an empath. The closer I am with someone, like my best friend or mom, the more I just "know" what's going on with them. I used to be really confused with the whole alcohol and drugs thing, but now I just accept the fact that I can feel those substances in my body when drunk or high people are around me. It's usually not a very pleasant feeling, but sometimes it helps a lot with communicating with them. It's interesting to say the least. I can't drink or smoke or use drugs myself at all and I don't crave for any of that, it just makes me sick and have a panic attack. This was an interesting post to read. I'm really glad you're back to blogging! I've been following you for so many years <3


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