morning thoughts on the meaning of life

8/12/2016 10:50:00 AM

What do you think the meaning of life is? Last night I had a dream about just that. For a period of time I have gotten the same answer to this question over and over. What I have received is that the meaning of life is simple: to live.

In my dream I was telling my mum why some, especially younger people, were more prone to depression. I woke up with the understanding that trying to understand everything, makes it easier for you to fall into depression. Especially if you are trying to understand you are feeling depressed. Whatever you focus on grows!

I'll give myself as an example, when I start to feel down, I often start of by trying to figure out "why am I feeling this way, what is the cause", instead of letting that go and ask "what would make me feel better right now?" and go onto doing that for a while. I sometimes get stuck in this when I am drawing and all of a sudden I don't feel joy from drawing anymore so I can start thinking "but why am I not feeling good from drawing, I thought I loved to draw" that's when it's better to shift to "I would feel better by doing something else right now, maybe I'm hungry or just need some rest".  That is also something to be very thankful for, that your beeing is telling you that there is something else that should be focused upon. It can be a bit troublesome when you are not sure what it is. That is when I just lay down and rest. Letting go of those thoughts that says you should be productive all the time. For me the feelings and thoughts of having to be productive, that you must do, do do, is what keeps all the doing from happening. It strangels the natural flow! I have been and still am a bit quick to jump on the negativity train, only infusing more negativity and low vibrations into my energy field.

A tip is to whenever you feel those low vibrations coming, rest, sleep, meditate, to simply let go. This could also mean draw, go for a run, get into nature, make a jummy meal or snack, change, turn on or turn off the music, let yoursef just be!

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  1. OMG, I feel this way today, and I are asking the same questions, and then I fell into your blog and found this. It was as if there had been a connection, as if something had told me I had to come here haha Thank you :)

  2. Thank you for this post, it really helps!


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