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11/27/2016 09:00:00 AM

I just awoke from getting a what I want to call download of understanding of how everything influences everything, all the time always. I wanted, or thought I Wanted so I tried to, go back to sleep but something wouldn't let me and kept nudging me to either make a video, talking about this or write it all down in a blog post. So here I am writing, up hours before I usually wake up these days (which is pretty late so I'm quite happy about have gotten up this time). Giving this little story, since this all is pretty new, how I notice information flowing to me, or is given to me in this way and I have been wondering how that process has been for others but never come across anyone talking about it. I was also told when I was scribbling this down in my dream journal, although it felt a bit strange writing it there since this part of what happened during sleep did not translate into a regular dream to me, this was a different kind of information. Oh yes, when I was writing this I was told that I need to enhance my vocabulary because it will be wasier that way to translate the information. I wrote it down in Swedish and I used words I had heard but wasn't sure about what they actually meant. But I was sure that they translated what I understood energetically into physical words.

I was shown visually and got told mentally how this works and it's so beautiful. 

Environment, colors, textures, sounds, shapes, everything you can think of influence all other things.
Basic, basic, all is energy and as we all know ( I assume since it's even standard to learn in todays schooling system ) energy can not be destroyed, only transformed. All is vibration and all has it's own frequency. It's quite easy to grasp that when we eat the food get digested and the nutrients fuels our bodies and renews cells. So wether you precieve something as "dead" or "living" it will influence in one form or another.

For example you can change your genetical code with (basically anything), art, thoughts, food etc. The reason why this is not super obvious or easy for us to do is because we're in one way or another programmed in so many different ways, also because we haven't woken up/grown into this understanding yet. It usually takes quite some time for a thought to change the structure of something in our physical bodies simply put because we do not believe it. Even if you conciously think you do believe it and repeatedly think a thought that would mean your body would look, feel or smell differently than what it does today, our subconcious is way more powerful. I can't say for you but for me I most often even conciously think that "how is this possible". It makes it a bit easier to comprehend when you think about change in other ways. Let's say we are to move a big table from one side of the room to the other. With just one person, let's call this person Thought, it might take a long time and in this case let's say the table is to heavy for one person to move. Therefore we can take help from friends, we can call in Food, Visualisation, Action, The color red and Muscle. Now the table is much easier to move. Pretty much anything you can think of can be a friend in this story, Maybe Cookies wouldn't be the best friends to help you move the table but instead a bunch of friends who are/are named Muscle would make it easier. Haha I hope that little story made sense.
It's also favourable to keep in mind that things move slowly in the density we live in. Physical matter does not move as quickly as pure light or thought.

Hopefully this could put some more understanding to you about this subject, spark ideas and/or some questions. From what I feel starting to write and share about these things happening will make it easier for this kind of information to flow through me. So many things comes to mind what you can do for any kind of information to come to and flow trough you more easily but that is for another time. I've learned that for me (if not all of us) starting slow and little by little is usually what makes a stable ripple effect on many different levels inside and around. I'm looking forward to continue writing and sharing whatever comes to mind (although I would like my blog design to looks and feel differently HAHA) :D Guess I have to "call some friends" to help me with that, pure thought won't change this for me.

If you have any thoughts, questions or anything feel free to comment! I would love to discuss further or hear your own thouhts and stories!

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  2. Hi Angelica! I like your new blog so much! You are such a beauriful soul! And your vibrations grew so much after all the changes you came through. I'm interested in all the stuff you write about, also energies. I practise Reiki healing a little and I read a lot a lot about Karma,Angels, Archangels...and chakras are interesting too. Would love to read your new posts or videos on youtube..I'm also trying at the moment to switch from vegetarian to vegan..Would like your advice on this topics. Tanya

  3. I hope you come back to your blog, I really like the direction you are taking with this. I know your a fan of Eckart Tolle I read his book everyday as a reminder of what's going on, but still get sucked into the loop some how.


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