Edgar Cayces teaching about Chakras

12/12/2016 11:11:00 AM

So much information going around and about chakras, energies etc. Not too many actually stop to think about what they are actually doing. Not taking into consideration that playing around with these kind of things can be damaging. Just as eating too much or eating what is not the best for you at the moment, just so can be converted to any subject. If that makes sense. You can see it as starting to go to the gym, you don't lift the heaviest weights the first time you go there or run five miles your first run right :D

I burned out parts of my chakras without knowing it, it wasn't my intention but I was messing around with energies and didn't even know I was going so. Everything is energies and certain things in this universe contains energies that feed our chakras and inner energies more than others. What happened to me put me way out of balance and made me very off tune with my inner guiding system. I was scared without knowing why, I thought I was going crazy for a while and was pretty much all over the place energy wise. It took me months to even understand what had happened and I'm still figuring out what exactly went down.

After watching this yesterday and did the short meditations in it (you do them during the video) I got back so much energy and happiness. I also love what I've learned so far from Edgar Cayces teachings and felt I really wanted to share this video with you. Not meaning to scare anyone off by starting to share this ind of information, just rather take it slow when start working with energies if you don't know what your doing and be safe.

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  1. Hey dear... how are you? I used to read your Blog everyday in the past... didn't know the username murderotic was over. Are you married now? Have you found your peace of mind? I hope so... I remember you were not having good times...
    An old fan

  2. Wanna try an African delicacy?
    Giant, beetle larvae
    inside a rotting,
    palm tree stump.
    Fat 3" long;
    19 of them squirmin!!!
    Yummmy. Fried in oil or live raw.
    Oh? Does that disgust you?
    Why do goth which disgusts God???

    Try eating the Eucharist first:
    take RCIA this fall.
    God bless your indelible soul.

    1. Who are you to say what disgust God? Or to lable a person to a fixed box? The God I know is all loving of all of his Creations, whoever you are wherever you have been. It's all love!


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